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What is the value of SEO and being Number One on Google?

What is the value of SEO and being Number One on Google?

I want to be number 1 on Google!

Well, don’t we all, and that’s the problem

We have been around in website design long enough (since 1999) to have learned a thing or two.

So, you have your website, and your keywords and phrases all mapped out, but you can’t get on to page 1 of Google? Why? Well, it’s down to the sheer volume of demand.  If more than 10 companies want to be on page 1 of Google  for a particular key word or phrase there’s clearly going to be stiff competition. In reality for popular keywords and phrases there are thousands, if not millions of pages competing for a coveted page 1 slot.

Most businesses know that a top 10 position on Google is good, but Let’s have a look at the true value of Google Search Engine positioning.

What do the Click Through Rates (CTR) mean?

According to a study, by Optify Inbound Marketing, the top ten spots (first page) on Google receive 89% of all clicks from users. As you can see from the figures, after the top three positions the curve drops rapidly.

This averages this out to a CTR on Page 1 of Google at 8.9%, with the average CTR on Page 2 at 1.5%.Curiously you seem to be better off being top of page 2 than bottom of page 1.

That said, if you are not on page 1 for your desired keywords your SEO really isn’t going to offer you much value.

With this much value attached to Page 1 it’s no wonder that companies are fighting it out with vast sums of money to improve their SEO. But as one company moves up in the rankings, there is another behind to take it’s place as soon as it can. It’s ruthless.

The figures seem to confirm that a page 1 spot is essential for your SEO.

Google Search Results Page 1:

  • Rank #1: Average CTR:  36.4%
  • Rank #2: Average CTR:  12.5%
  • Rank #3: Average CTR:  9.5%
  • Rank #4: Average CTR:  7.9%
  • Rank #5: Average CTR:  6.1%
  • Rank #6: Average CTR:  4.1%
  • Rank #7: Average CTR:  3.8%
  • Rank #8: Average CTR:  3.5%
  • Rank #9: Average CTR:  3.0%
  • Rank #10: Average CTR:  2.2%

Google Search Results Page 2:

  • Rank #11: Average CTR:  2.6%
  • Rank #12: Average CTR: 1.5%

Maximise your keyword spread and target to your market, and above all keep it honest

There are all sorts of techniques that SEO companies employ to help your pages rank higher. Some perfectly legitimate and some not so. Above all Google values relevance. After all it is what has made them the Search Engine of choice. You generally find what you’re looking for.  Whatever techniques you employ, directly or indirectly, never lose sight of the fact that Google will change it’s search algorithms periodically. What worked today may not work tomorrow, and the effect of an updated algorithm can be instant.

If you have just spent thousands getting to the top, Google changes it’s algorithm and you drop out of sight, there’s no route for compensation. Google search is a free service provided by a corporation. They have no obligation to you.
Here’s an example of how to use keywords sensibly to be found in a Google search. One of the areas that we work in is website design. A search for Website Design will never find us, it’s too competitive, there’s just too many web designers competing for the top slots. People know this too and will look to narrow or localise their search to get more relevant results. So we need to narrow down our search. We work in Mobile Website Design, again very competitive, and it will take a long time to find us. But, users actually know this. If they were searching for a Mobile Website Design company they will most likely qualify this by adding a town or city close to them. So a search for Mobile Website Design Norwich is much more relevant and we appear on the first page. There is nothing but well structured content to facilitate this. No tricks.

Can an SEO specialist help?

Possibly, yes, but beware, there are a lot of rogues out there promising top slots for your desired keywords and phrases. The very first thing to do is check if they themselves feature on page 1 for their own industry. If they don’t, can they really do it for you? Read the small print for what they are really offering you. As an example, we have a client who pays out hundreds every month to an SEO company on contract, they see no Return On Investment.


Unless you have very deep pockets, competing for a top spot for short key phrases on Google is futile. Not only have you got to get there, but then you have to maintain your position. Like with all marketing, you need to establish clear objectives and a path through which you will achieve them. There will always be trial and error, but now you know the value, you can decide how you will compete.

SEO should be one component of your marketing mix.

If you would like help or advice on your website marketing, please feel free to contact us.

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