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We are mobile app development experts

It takes knowledge, multiple skill sets and a lot of experience to successfully deliver mobile apps

App development specialists

Astutech is a team of experienced app development experts. Since our move to mobile eight years ago we have steadily moved exclusively towards mobile app development.

Our Story.

After seventeen years in business with hundreds of website developments behind us, it’s not easy to sum it all up in a few words.

So we’re going to personalise our story, and who better to do that than our Managing Director. He should know what it’s all about.

Where it all started.

I designed and built my first website in 1994 and it was, even if I say so myself, rather good. I found 40 people to email and promote my services as a website designer. I got ten replies from which five became customers. I am still in touch with one of those original clients today. I got to work on some really innovative projects for high profile clients, among them Fujitsu, Finnair and one of the very first browser based email systems.

Astutech was founded in 1999.

As the internet became more and more accessible and demand was high. Astutech ltd was formed to answer this demand and to develop creative and innovative web-based solutions.

We designed and developed Hoseasons first and very successful website, converting around 50,000 files from their 7 printed brochures, connecting to their booking system via their mainframe.

We designed the user interface for one of the first insurance aggregators, and developed our own fully functional website content management system back in 2002.

We embrace change.

We like change, it motivates us. We are always looking to what’s happening next and how can we use technology to deliver useful, successful business applications. It’s a philosophy we have adopted since the foundation of the company in 1999. In our business change is a constant, so we adapt, constantly.

Currently we are developing sophisticated apps and web-based applications to deliver really useful business solutions.

Why should you talk to us?

If you’re looking for a sensible approach to your online presence then we’re pretty clued up. We’ve been doing what we do for a long time.

The sum of our experience means we are well placed to offer advice and deliver solutions on most things internet.

Our staff and our clients.

I am proud of our developers and their unfaltering ability to come up with the goods, their patience and their loyalty. I firmly believe in providing a free-role, creating an environment where their skills can flourish and their creativity can shine. This is the only way we can deliver truly cutting edge results, for you.

I am honoured by our clients, many of whom have been with us for many years. We have an impressive word-of-mouth referral rate, which in itself, speaks volumes.

John Stutely

Managing Director

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