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Mobile app development

requires a new approach

Why mobile development requires a new approach

Mobile APPs present new challenges

Companies are beginning to look seriously at how they can use mobile technology to transform their core processes and business models. However, APP development, and Mobile website development, is very different to conventional website development. We have learned that you cannot simply transfer web-based application development methods to mobile APPs for tablets and smartphones. The very nature of mobile devices presents numerous development, support and maintenance challenges.

Just a few short years ago tablets and smartphones were luxury items for the amusement of early adopters of technology, now they’re everywhere, mainstream. The development in mobile devices is relentless, and does not look like it will slow down. Smart watches and smart glasses, for example, are just round the corner. So, we are not just looking at what works today but also how may we adapt an APP for new devices when they too become mainstream.

To get results, we must create an application life-cycle management approach that specifically addresses the unique problems mobility and mobile devices present.

Key mobile APP issues

  • Mobile devices run different operating systems and have different processes for developing and running APPs.
  • Tablets and smartphones often require specific individual treatments.
  • Mobile device operating systems are updated frequently which can have significant impact on the functionality of an APP.
  • Your APP may be required to work offline. Mobile networks are usually slower and less reliable than land based networks. In some areas a network may not even be available.
  • Security risks are greater because mobile devices can be easily lost or stolen. How will your APP store confidential or personal information.
  • Processing power is more limited on mobile devices compared to desktops and laptops. They can also be restricted by limited battery life.
  • Will your APP require support for individuals within your organisation, or will you need a wider support strategy for the general public?
  • APP distribution is unlike any web-based application or website. The submission process is executed via their respective development programmes of the device operating systems (iOS, Android, Windows Phone etc) and must be signed with a distribution certificate.
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