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Mobile app prototyping

The first stage of your mobile app digital strategy

Mobile app prototyping is crucial to app digital strategy
Rapid app prototyping and design

What is mobile app prototyping?

The biggest challenge facing any mobile app development is getting the app right, before development.  Changes to an app during or after development can be costly and time-consuming.

The best apps are usually very simple to use. They will have a clean interface. Most importantly, they will do what is expected of them.

Good design is never the result of an accident.

A mobile app prototype will show everything that will be included in the app. It will show not only how the app will look, but define the functions of every screen and how they interact with other screens and data. Mobile app prototyping is used to sort out contradictory or conflicting requirements.

Prototypes are not wireframes or sketches. They are a series of graphics designed by a graphic designer with an all-round knowledge of how an app works and what is technically possible. These graphics are stitched together into a format that not only performs like a mobile app but also allows collaboration.

This approach to mobile app design allows stakeholders to become actively involved in the development of the app.

An app prototype should define the development cost.

“Can you just…?” This is a question that crops up time and time again, and with good reason. It is very hard to visualise exactly how an app will work, and what it will do until you have something to work with. Once an app can be seen in action then the questions start arising. The purpose of mobile app prototyping is to deal with the ‘Can you just’ questions at an early stage. Making changes to a prototype is straightforward, the process is designed to examine the possibilities.

Every additional element will incur some additional time in development. Each of these elements needs to be costed into the development. So, the development plan and costs will be defined by the prototype.


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