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How long will it take to crack your password?

How long will it take to crack your password?

From less than a second to crack your password to 5.5 million years in 5 easy to remember steps

We are now employing a rather neat security plugin for our WordPress websites. We like to take your security seriously.

Amongst it’s numerous functions is a third-party password security tool. The password tool uses an algorithm to calculate how long it would take for your password to be cracked.  The results are based on the computing power of an off-the-shelf current model desktop PC with high end processor, graphics card and appropriate password cracking software.

So, how long will it take to to crack your password?

From the The 25 Most common passwords of 2012 we took number 6 on the list, monkey.

We’ll will now show you how easy it is to crack a password, and how easy it is to secure your password, and most importantly keep it memorable.

Step 1. We’ll start with No. 6 on the list of most common passwords which is monkey

It’s memorable, so let’s work with it. We’ll keep it memorable but make it much more secure.


Time taken to crack your password: less than one second

Step 2. Let’s add another word, magic, this will keep it simple, and memorable.


Time taken to crack your password: 14 days, 23 hours

This is much better, but nowhere near good enough. Consider that it might not only be a single machine attempting to crack the password.

Step 3. It has probably seen it suggested that you use a mixture of uppercase and lowercase letters, so we’ll capitalise the ‘M’s.


Time taken to crack your password: 85 years, 1 month

This is still so easy to remember, and your password is much more secure, but we are talking about just one machine trying to crack your password here, so let’s improve things with a couple more simple steps

Step 4. We’ll replace the o in Monkey with a 0 (Zero) – this is still easy to remember, but is has a real impact on the security of the password.


Time taken to crack your password: 589 years, 3 months

Step 5. Finally, let just add an exclamation mark to the end of the password.


Time taken to crack your password: 5,389,762 years

There is power in that exclamation mark.


This article is for best practice demonstration purposes only and in no way guarantees the security of your password. Nor do we claim accuracy for results produced by the third-party password checking tool used to generate the results. The security of your passwords are your own responsibility.

We do not recommend you use the password given in this example because it is published and publicly viewable by all.

Choose your password carefully, and keep it secure. Safe surfing.

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