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Local search and mobile could bring you more customers

Local search and mobile could bring you more customers

Local search drives opportunity

Focusing on social, local, and mobile technologies really could bring you more customers. Competitive businesses with mobile-friendly websites optimised for Local Search are seeing the positive impact that Local Search has. The latest statistics from Google speak for themselves.

With only 24% reported as having taken no action, there’s a whole load of opportunity out there right now.

This graph shows the actions taken after a Local Search from a Smartphone.
The data is taken from Google, it covers Local Search in the UK by Smartphone users during 2013.


So, what do the Local Search statistics say?

43% of people who perform a Local Search from a Smartphone visit the website of a business or service. This demonstrates clearly why your website must be mobile-friendly. If your website is not mobile-friendly, and hard to use on a Smartphone, it will likely be overlooked in favour of a competitor’s website whose is.

32% called the business or service as a direct result of mobile-search. Is your phone number easy to find?

23% made a purchase in-store and 25% made a purchase online. If your website is mobile-friendly and allows visitors to quickly find what they are looking for and offers an easy way to pay, you may pick up more business.

39% visit a business as a direct result of Local Search from their Smartphone. If you can be found, you will likely get more drop-in visitors. Mobile search is often used to find a quick answer to a problem: where do I find this or that? A quick search on Google brings up results from which the user selects the most likely candidate, and takes action based on the results.

24% took no action, so it naturally follows that 76% do take action.

It’s time for you to take action and get your website mobile-friendly and optimised for Local Search, now.

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