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How photography apps could streamline your business processes

How photography apps could streamline your business processes

Photography apps could be good for your business

Working with photography in business can be a laborious and unnecessarily  time consuming task. What if a photography APP could enable you to take photographs on site and send them to your website or APP without having to return to base?

A photography APP would also allow you to automatically map and time-stamp your images. Now, add a few fields for the sales criteria and you or your sales staff can stay out all day, updating your website or APP as they go. That would save you time and money.

If you are in to property sales or let, car, van, truck or motorcycle sales, caravans, boats or any business that relies heavily on photography for sales there’s a revolution going on that could streamline your business processes.

What if you could bypass having to return to the desk to process images and data? What if all your data could be online immediately? A business photography APP will empower you do just that.

A really useful idea for a back-office business app

Let’s take property as an example: When an agent visits a property, for sale or to let, they could be using an APP to process all data on the spot. Photographs are taken, a geo-location is associated and notes can be added. When the data is completed it can be sent directly to a website without the agent ever having to return to base.

Using preset fields, Bedroom 1,2,3, Living room, Dining room, Kitchen, Bathroom and so on all the agent needs to do is select the appropriate field, take photographs and complete a description. Even the description could come from a set of stock captions from which the agent selects the most appropriate. So, your website becomes highly consistent with the information rich content that visitors crave.

Now, how could you tie-in a front-end customer/client APP that is genuinely useful?

Using Push Notification in a customer facing APP you can alert interested parties, automatically and immediately, that there’s a property meeting their criteria fresh on the market.

An automatic personalised message directly to your customers smartphone is highly compelling. Your customer is going to feel special, like they have knowledge no-one else does. Tie the Push Notification to a call to action. Now your recipient can view the property and then have the opportunity to book a viewing right there and then.

Did you know? Push Notifications can be sent directly to an APP even if it is closed.

How do you get your hands on this technology?

Well,  we’ve already developed, tried and tested this technology. Not only that we can do it with video too.
If you would like more information just drop us a line, we will be more than happy to discuss the options available to you.

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