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The Pestability paperless office APP

An APP development case study

A genuinely useful business app

Designed to directly meet the needs of the pest control industry

The Pestability pest control app has been designed by pest controllers for pest controllers.  Designed and checked by leading industry experts data is stored securely for instant recall in both the field and the office. Pestability provides traceability and accountability and crucially allows pest technicians to improve efficiency, reduce costs and save time.

Professional pest controllers are required by law to document pest control activity, particularly where the use of poisons is concerned. COSHH (Control Of Substances Hazardous to Health) assessments, risk assessments, site surveys and more must all be recorded.

Until now there has been very little alternative to the traditional paperwork. Naturally, this requires the pest technician to complete the same information over and over again.

Pestability is a pest control app which answers an urgent need in the market place

Pestability is an intuitive pest control app with many automated procedures. Client data, job recall, COSHH assessments and more are all available with a single tap. No longer does the pest controller have to fill out the address every time they visit a site. One tap and the relevant form is populated.

Here’s what we created…

The Pestability pest control app is divided in to five main areas:

  • Mobile APP for iPhone, Android Smartphones and Tablets
  • Responsive web-based application
  • Back-office administration
  • Brand design and development
  • Responsive website design and development
    Visit the Pestability website

What does it do?

The Pestability pest control app is a feature rich business app designed specifically for pest controllers. Pestability is free to download, but requires a paid account on an annual contract.

The annual license cost and initial set-up is just £299. This fee provides a one technician license and back-office administration access. Annual renewal is £199 per year and additional pest controllers can be added for £199 per year.

Pestability is divided in to two distinct areas:

  • The front-facing pest control app which the technicians use to record their daily work flow.
  • The back-office which a designated administrator can set-up all relevant company data for use in the pest control app.
    The back-office is only available to authorised users and is not available to pest control technicians, unless permission is granted.

The features of the Pestability pest control app

The pest control app itself is divided in to two areas, one for key customer data and the other for form-based management where pest technicians detail the specifics of their work.

Customer data

  • Calls
    Provides facility to record a customer call and visit time for initial job inspection.
  • Clients
    A technician may add new customer details.
    Existing customer information is displayed in a non-editable format (editing is completed via the back office)
  • Jobs
    A technician may add a new job. All jobs are listed in summary for instant recall when required.
  • Time sheets
    Technicians may record their time linked to vehicle data.

Form management

The following forms are available to the client. Each form is linked to job and client information, COSHH assesments and any other relevant data.

  • Agreements in principle
  • Bait points
  • Bed bug checks
  • COSHH assessments
  • Electronic fly killers
  • Environmental risk assessments
  • Reports
  • Risk assessments
  • Pesticide stock movements
  • Surveys

How is it administered?

Comprehensive back-office administration

The back-office puts control in the hands of the pest control operator. Business specifics such as Pests,  COSHH assessments, Rodenticides, vehicles used and much more are all controlled through the back-office. When the back-office is configured the data is immediately available to the technicians via the pest control app.

How many people use it?

Pestability was released in August 2013 for Android. The pest control app already has a number of customers who have all provided very positive feedback. It has a five star rating with two great reviews on Google Play. The iOS (iPhone and iPad) version is about to be released (Mid September 2013)

Pestability has already caught the attention of some some of the biggest UK companies in the pest control industry. The feedback is that a pest control app which is this easy to use is long overdue in the market.


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