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FoodSafe grocery monitoring app

An APP development case study

Stop wasting food

A monitoring app to alert you to food approaching it’s use-by-date.

A handy Smartphone App that helps you waste less food and save money. This smart App allows you to scan the Barcode and easily input an expiry date on any product. It keeps a record of the food in your fridge or your kitchen cupboards and alerts you when produce is close to the use-by-date

There is a visual colour coded¬† expiry list, accompanied by a visual cue for colour blind people. The App will also automatically alert the user by sending a Push notification 24 hours before a product expires. It’s a great idea for wasting less food and saving money..

We had chance to put something back in to the community, so we did

We were approached by a group of Sixth Form students from the Norwich School in the autumn of 2012. As part of their participation in the Young Enterprise scheme they were interested in how much it would cost to develop their idea in to an App.

They wanted a Smartphone monitoring app that would help reduce the huge wastage of food.

Their idea tweaked our interest, so we got together to have a chat. Development costs were going to be way out of their league, but they had such a great idea and so much energy and enthusiasm. We took the decision to make them an offer they couldn’t refuse, a joint venture partnership. We added our own expertise, but allowed the students to steer the project as much as practically possible. We absorbed all development costs and created a cool little App. Their hard work and skills together with the App helped to get them through the county finals and in to the regional finals, picking up a ‘Green’ environment award along the way.

Here’s what we created…

  • Mobile Smartphone monitoring APP for iOS and Android
  • Integrated Barcode scanner

What does it do?

  • Barcode scanner and product entry
    The App scans any barcode and checks against it’s central database for an existing product. If no product exists the user may enter product details which are stored for instant recall. Upon scanning a product the user also enter an expiry, or use-by-date.
  • Complete product list with expiry heat map
    All in-date products are stored in the App for instant recall. Products are listed with their description in order of use-by-date. A heat map is employed to show safe, approaching expiry and use within 24 hours.
  • Push message expiry alerts
    The app automatically sends a Push notification to the alert the user of produce which will expire within 24 hours.

How many people use it?

The take-up has been brisk with a several hundred downloads.

As of July 2013 Food Safe is at # 291 in LIFESTYLE Paid in GB on Google Play.


Food Safe App

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