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Busseys Family customer loyalty APP

An APP development case study

A motor dealer loyalty app

Designed to engage and retain customers

Busseys are the main Ford and Peugeot motor dealer for Norfolk. Their operation covers nine sites across the county. We have enjoyed working with Busseys on all aspects of their online marketing and web-based integration for 13 years.

Building on a solid foundation

Around 7 years ago we helped Busseys set-up an online loyalty programme called Busseys Family. The concept was well received by Busseys extensive and loyal customer base and enjoys membership totalling many thousands.

How could an App help Busseys and their customers?

We worked closely with Busseys to create a loyalty App which would be genuinely useful to their customers. On the flip-side, the App had to be genuinely useful and commercially viable to Busseys, naturally.

Working on the back of experience gained through the original loyalty programme we created, what we believe to be, the ultimate dealer loyalty App. We also know that not everyone wants or needs a Smartphone or Tablet necessarily to run an App, so we also developed a web-based application, so no-one gets left out.

Here’s what we created…

The project can be divided in to four core areas of development:

  • Mobile APP for iOS and Android
  • Responsive web-based application
  • Back-office administration
  • Dealer video App

What does it do?

The Busseys Family App is a feature rich utility for all Busseys’ customers.

  • Loyalty App secure login
    App and back-office secured to individual log-ins
  • Glovebox
    The customers own vehicle, or vehicles, their details and specifications are available to them via the App.Live vehicle data feeds provide specific vehicle information for all owner vehicles purchased or maintained by Busseys. The vehicle data includes all manufacturer data, history, tyre pressures and much more.
  • MOT and service reminders
    Reminders are sent out via Push notification automatically at specific time intervals prior to MOT and Service due dates.
    The user simply clicks on the notification to book a date and time slot to suit them.
    The Push notification is received directly on the Smartphone regardless of whether the App is open.
  • Schedule and to do list
    The app has a priority alert system to remind users of actions that need to be taken. Booking MOT or Service for example.We also provide the facility for customers to enter their own personal information such as insurance and breakdown recovery details for instant recall in an emergency.
  • Breakdown assistant
    In the event of a breakdown a customer can pinpoint their exact location via the ‘Where am I’ button.
    Direct dial emergency numbers and best practice information are also to hand.
  • Accident claims management
    In the event of an accident a user can record accident details, on the spot. We understand that anyone who has been involved in a motor accident is likely to be in a high stress situation.  We have developed an easy to use insurance claims management system with a workflow to try and ensure all relevant data can be captured by geo-located and time-stamped photography, video and / or audio for witness statements. Whilst the facility to enter textual data exists, we have kept the process to a minimum.
  • Vehicle valuation
    This has proven to be a very popular feature. App users may select their vehicle from a list, if they have more than one, for valuation. Additional fields for current mileage and MOT expiry are provided. The customer may then capture photos of their car directly from the App and send to Busseys for a valuation. The valuation is sent back to the customer via a push message.
  • Promotional Offers
    Customers may receive tailored offers which will be of interest to them according to specific vehicle data.

How is it administered?

Smart back-office administration

The back-office puts Busseys totally in control of their loyalty App.

  • Create tailored offers
    Our App Composer is a content management system (CMS) for Apps. Busseys can create offers with text and images within a format designed specifically for optimal display on the App. In this case the Composer is used to create offers or news items which can then be sent to users directly via Push notifications to their mobile devices. We employ database segmentation methods to allow Busseys to select who receives which offers, from every user, to users with specific cars down to individual users.
  • App tracking and statistics
    A complete log of all the loyalty app activity is available in an easy to read format.
  • Dealer Video App
    A stand-alone back-office App which allows Busseys sales and/or marketing staff to create videos for direct and immediate upload to the Family App. Push messages may be created to alert customers.

How many people use it?

The take-up has been very encouraging with over 500 Family members, and growing, now in possession of the loyalty App.

We can do this for your motor dealership

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Busseys Family APP for iOS, Android and Desktop

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