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App development needs aftercare

Hosting, maintenance, support and a road-map for future development

App development aftercare, maintenance and support

Maintaining and enhancing projects to cope with newly discovered problems, and new requirements that were not originally part of the project scope, is an essential ongoing requirement to the success of any application project.

There is no substitute for live field testing with end-users to understand how they are actually receiving your website. We know it pays to encourage constructive feedback because users will likely come back with valuable thoughts and ideas for design tweaks or new developments. If they uncover a bug that was overlooked in testing there needs to be a system in place to deal with it.

A development road-map is the perfect way to focus future development. Maintaining an ongoing development strategy helps to keep end-users confident that their ideas and/or issues are being dealt with and importantly will help you keep ahead of your competitors.

We keep an eye on any changes to new platforms, operating systems and browsers that your project has not been tested on and will identify and report potential issues as they arise and advise on the action required to correct any problems.

All hosting, back-up, support and reporting systems will be monitored on a regular basis in accordance with the agreed strategy.



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