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A mobile website could drive new business to your establishment

A mobile website could drive new business to your establishment

How could a mobile website attract new customers?

How many people walk past your Restaurant, Take-away, Pub or Cafe every day but never pay you a visit?

They might casually consider from time to time, “I wonder what that place is like”, but have still never round to dropping in.

You may put leaflets or menus outside, but only during opening hours. If anyone picks one up they are prone to getting lost or damaged very quickly.

You should be confident that once a new customer samples the delights of your establishment they’ll be back for more. Better still, if they have a good experience they’ll tell their friends, and as we all know, there’s no better recommendation.

But, how do you grab their attention? What will make them stop and think.

The answer may lie in what over half of the UK population now carry in their pockets or handbags, their Smartphone.

Did you know “More than half of the UK population now owns a Smartphone” Kantar Worldpanel ComTech

Their Smartphones are there, ready for action, all you have to do is entice them to use them.

So how do you cash in on this?

Imagine if you could put your menu directly on to their phones, the moment they pass your establishment. All your tempting offerings on their phone, your delicious specials screaming out to be tasted.

Did you know that 81% of smartphone users have looked for local information, of which 20% made a purchase from a business in-store? Source: Google Insights.

That is a very high conversion rate, imagine what that would do for your business. Get moving now before your competitors do.

Let’s create a little technological magic…..

Create an offer, something tempting enough to overcome any objections. A free coffee or free pint on the house, 20% off your meal on a weekday, whatever you think will make a compelling offer. Now, don’t tell them what it is yet.

You put up a prominent QR code in your window or on an A-board outside, along with a website address for those who don’t want to or can’t scan a QR code. QR codes just make it easy, and show you’re doing trick stuff with technology.

Invite passers by to scan the QR code or enter web address for something special. It is then that you reveal your offer along with your menu.

Naturally your menu must be Smartphone optimised in a responsive or mobile website, but that’s not real problem to a competent designer.

Did you know Mobile users actively seek out and prefer to engage with mobile-friendly sites” Source: Google Survey

They might not drop in there and then, but now they know about you they might discuss or plan a meal with their partner or colleagues. What is guaranteed is that it will raise awareness, and if done correctly will get punters through your door.

Add a simple booking form and they could make a reservation there and then.

Do I need a mobile website?
What about my existing website, can I use that?

If you want this to work, then you must have a mobile website. A mobile website is either a dedicated design for mobile devices or more practically a responsive website designed to work perfectly on all devices. If your website is not optimised as a mobile website your visitors will have problems loading and navigating your website. This inevitably leads to frustration and users quickly give up and go elsewhere.

If you would like more information or a quote for your own mobile menu please get in touch.

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